About me

Carla in front of graffiti wall

I was always a crafty kid, loving anything that involved drawing or cutting and sticking, I even slept with my colouring book and crayons under my pillow, just in case I woke up with a new idea.

I loved making cards for my family. Seeing their faces when they opened them. This was, and still is the best feeling in the world!

Fast forward a good few decades, I had climbed the corporate ladder and ended up in management. I missed being creative and so I went back to doing what I loved, working in design… but deep down it wasn’t enough.

One night, on maternity leave, while my husband was out training for a marathon and the kids were tucked up in bed. I was all alone. It was dark and quiet with just the glow of the computer screen and somehow I’d managed to lock myself out of my email account. I was prompted by the 'What is your dream job?' security question, and the answer was ‘Greetings card designer’ and that’s is when it hit me like a bolt of candy coloured lightning....

I realised I wasn’t following my dreams!

I spent a whole year making oodles of doodles, adding some happy vibes and sparkle or as I like to call it LalalandLove. I created greetings cards for every single person that I knew because I could never find the perfect card for them in the shops. Until I felt ready to show my work for the first time at my local craft fair.

Even before the doors opened, a lady bought 10 of my cards, and I was in shock! I couldn’t quite believe that someone, I didn’t know, thought my stuff was good enough to pay money for it.

After that, I set up an online shop to sell my wares. I clearly remember my first online sale, it was a big one, it was such an important event that I cut a family trip short to rush back home and pack the order. Then I skipped all the way to the post office with biggest smile on my face.

Each sale still gives me the tingles, it means people believed in me and it spurs me on to make more stuff to make people happy.

But the ‘eureka’ moment wasn’t just about ‘following my dreams’ it was about finding my true self. I’d found the thing that made me excited again and I’m pursuing my passion and living a creative, happy life.

I love being part of the creative community locally and online, supporting other small businesses, meeting like-minded people and sharing ideas. I’m also an advocate for Action for Happiness, a wellbeing charity based in the UK.

I have no idea where it’s going to take me but I’m excited to find out… join me on my creative adventures and explore the cute and colourful world of happy, are you ready to visit Lalaland?

Love and sprinkles Carla :)