How to make a friends lockdown birthday super special?

Smiling woman having a kitchen disco

Most people will have now celebrated a birthday in lockdown at some point and with socialising options limited it’s time to use your imagination and come up with some fun ideas to make that special person’s day… totally AWESOME! 

We celebrated my booziest bestie second birthday in lockdown recently, she lives in fancy London and I’m in brilliant Derby so ordinarily it takes quite some organising to find a weekend that suits us both. But we always make sure we spend our birthdays together and do something we both enjoy.

We both love a cheeky drink and a dance so past birthday experiences have included lots of silent discos in some crazy places like the Cutty Sark and on top of the Shard and then we have had a magical day out starting at The Making of Harry Potter studio tour where I elegantly rode on a broom.

With her second lockdown birthday fast approaching I decided to get myself organised and plan a party in our own homes so we could FaceTime each other and enjoy our favourite things together to remind of the good old days when we used to throw our arms around each other singing at the top of our voices.

Firstly, I decided on a theme so I thought a kitchen disco would be very entertaining on a school night, we have both been enjoying the odd rave at home during lockdown while we haven’t been able to go out clubbing and bust some moves on the dance floor so I thought this would be a great idea.

Then I started putting together a special birthday box that I could send before the big day with carefully hand-picked gifts that I knew she would love. Here are some ideas what you could add to yours…

Kitchen disco t-shirt from Batch1 - this retro feel-good slogan tee is perfect for raving at home, you can look like you’re ready to party up top but sneakily have your comfy pyjamas bottoms and slippers downtown and no-one can tell.

A birthday badge, beautifully handmade by Carrie at Carriegraphy - no birthday would be complete with it, no matter how old you are so this big birthday badge is the perfect party accessory to let everyone know ‘It’s my birthday today!’

A personalised birthday card designed my me at Love Lalaland - I couldn’t resist drawing my friend in cartoon form in her favourite dungas and funky trainers pulling a silly pose and not a wrinkle in sight and making it into a special card.

Postbox gifts - gin, art print and cake

Dodo-ni cocktail in a box, created by Lucy at The Dodo Micropub - before you hit the dance floor it’s always good to have a few pre-drinkies and this cocktail in a box has everything you need make two classic Negroni using The Dodo of Hanwell - London Dry Gin.

My Kitchen is for Discos art print, designed by Kerry from PaperJoy - is a bright and cheery poster ideal to decorate your dance partners home with a cute cassette tape with your awesome playlist on it.

Vanilla Funfetti birthday gift box, treats by Cat from Cat Food Cakes - a yummy gift box of handmade cakes and chocolate includes a card and badge because let’s fact it who doesn’t love cake for breakfast on their birthday.

I individually wrapped everything including some glow sticks, balloons and party poppers and sent it in plenty of time with a note of the front no to open until the special day.

Of course, you can’t have kitchen disco without the music so you have a couple of options, you could make a playlist of your favourite feel-good songs on Spotify and share it or join a livestream party online.

During lockdown many DJs have now started to live-stream their sets on social media and personally I’ve never been to so many raves and feel I’m living my best middle-age life from the comfort of my own home with no childcare issues.

My friends birthday was perfectly timed with DJ Yodas AV Show on Twitch, Twitch is a live stream platform so after the kids were in bed we set up the TV and went live and direct with our number one DJ whilst video calling each other.

During DJ Yoda’s AV show I was able to do some middle-age shout outs for the birthday girl in the chat box which made it super special, just like in the clubs.

Then we stayed online for DJ Maseo’s set from De La Soul and danced our little socks off until midnight with millions of other people from around the world.

The next day sunglasses were required on the school run and a greasy breakfast cob to get us through the day ahead, just like the good old days, thank goodness the kids were back at school, eh?

So you can still make magical memories and have lots of fun with your booziest bestie in lockdown without leaving the house, obviously we missed the hug dance at the end but I look forward to the biggest squeeze one day soon.

You can check out all the special personalised portraits I’ve created on my website gallery or Instagram highlights, if you have any more questions please get in touch.

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